Feed proteins

Our procurement network abroad allows to offer the most common used feed proteins as soybean meal and expeller, rapeseed meal and expeller, DDGS, Corn gluten meal and other proteins.

Feed proteins

We offer our customers different protein sources. We have a network of strong partners on the European markets. We purchase, organise quality control and delivery. We have a high supply readiness and meet delivery deadlines.

Soy network Switzerland, Donau Soya, Bio Suisse Organic, EU Bio and other labels.

Our product range:

  • Soybean meal and expeller
  • Soybean expeller HAMEX
  • Rapeseed meal and expeller
  • Linseed meal and expeller
  • Sunflower meal and expeller
  • DDGS (Distillers dried grains)
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Potato protein
  • Feed peas
  • Animal proteins

Further products and specialities are available on request.

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