Agrokommerz AG

As your independent partner for agricultural raw materials we react flexibly and efficiently on your demand and to the challenges of the market.

Agrokommerz AG was founded by Hans Stettler in 1986. Since then, Agrokommerz has developed from being an importer and retailer of straw and hay into a significant player in the agricultural raw materials market.

The company reached a milestone in 2004 with the founding of “Agrokommerz France SAS”, based in Saint Louis, France. Agrokommerz France SAS enables us to trade freely in the European single market, too.

A groundbreaking event occurred on 1 January 2021 when Agrokommerz merged with FUGA Getreide AG, a Lucerne-based trading company established in 1928. The new Agrokommerz AG is large enough to deal with the complex challenges of the future while remaining small enough to respond personally, flexibly and rapidly to its customers’ needs. Since September 2022, the Agrokommerz Group has put its new service centre into operation at Industriestrasse 6 in CH 6170 Schüpfheim.

Agrokommerz AG provides high-quality agricultural raw materials to the food and feed industry. We know the markets, as well as where our products come from and how they have been produced. As well as setting high standards of quality for our products, we take social and environmental criteria into account in the sourcing process and across the entire retail chain. We are actively involved with cross-sector work groups and organisations, and regularly integrate the resultant findings and requirements into our own procurement policy.

We forge enduring, respectful and fair partnerships with our producers and suppliers, which allows us to react rapidly, flexibly and robustly to challenges in the market, to organise logistics reliably and punctually, and to ensure quality control.


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