About us

As your independent partner for agricultural raw materials we react flexibly and efficiently on your demand and to the challenges of the market.

Agrokommerz AG was founded in 1986 by Hans Stettler. What began at that time with the import and trade of hay and straw, has developpe over the years into an important trading company for agricultural raw materials.

A milestone in our history was the founding of “Agrokommerz France SAS” in 2004, with its headquarters in Saint Louis, France. Thanks to this step, we can carry out commercial transactions within the European market without restrictions.

Since 2012 our head office is located in the “Chrüzschür” in Marbach, a village between Berne and Lucerne.


Agrokommerz supplies high quality raw materials to the food and feed industry as well as to trading companies. We comply with legal requirements, respect trading practices and QM specifications.

Today, other factors are also important for the entire supply chain. We attach great importance to ensuring that social and ecological criteria are considered not only for the product itself, but also for the entire production and marketing chain.

Agrokommerz is actively in many cross-industries working groups and organisations. We continuously integrate the newly gained knowledge and requirements into our procurement policy.

We maintain a deep and respectful partnership with our suppliers. This intensive cooperation enables us to react flexibly and quickly to market challenges. This helps to achieve all kinds of demands of our customers in time and efficiently.

Our competencies also include organising logistics from origin to destination. It is important to us, that we know our business partners along the entire supply chain. our competent and experienced team places all orders and monitors their correct execution.

Our employees are specialists in trading and logistics. They know the market and are well appreciated as reliable business partners by our suppliers and customers.


The Agrokommerz team includes specialists in trading and logistics. They know the markets and are valued as reliable business partners.