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Fuga Getreide AG and Agrokommerz AG become partners

Lucerne and Marbach, 15 December 2020. In a decision made based on mutual strength, the privately owned, long-established companies FUGA Getreide AG and Agrokommerz AG are merging on 1 January 2021 to form Agrokommerz AG based in Lucerne and Marbach.

The new Agrokommerz AG will be large enough to meet the complex challenges of the future, while staying small enough to respond personally, flexibly and rapidly to its clients’ needs.

Through this merger, owners Hans Stettler and Thomas Kopp are sending a clear signal of intent to the private commercial sector. With its comprehensive range of products, the new Agrokommerz AG will be a reliable partner in the Swiss agriculture and organic markets. Furthermore, Terravera AG, specialist in the organic food and mustard seed trade, will continue to be a strong partner and expand its core business under the new ownership structure. Both owners will also play an active operational role at the new Agrokommerz AG.

As a client, supplier, partner or producer, you will be able to benefit from an even more robust procurement network, a wider selection of products and more warehouses across Switzerland in the future. Our experienced teams and contacts as well as our headquarters in Lucerne and Marbach will all remain in place.

We are delighted to head into the future together stronger than before and to continue to be your reliable, independent partner in Swiss agriculture and organics.

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